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+353 (0) 1 614 6700

Who We Are

Our Story

The Foundation provides access to knowledge, expertise and support required to fight poverty and achieve financial inclusion in rural and urban communities.

What We Do

Our Mission

The Foundation assists in building an equitable financial environment for all by providing access to education and affordable and ethical savings and loans.  

Where We Work

Our Place

The Foundation works closely with dedicated local partners and credit union movements in the developing countries of Ethiopia, The Gambia and Sierra Leone. 

People Helping People

People are always at the heart of what we do. We stand for respect, solidarity and financial inclusion for ALL. 


We are an ally to all, supporting dedicated local partners and helping people in low-income developing countries to gain access to ethical savings and loans.


We share the Irish credit union experience and work with local partners to strengthen credit union movements in low-income developing countries.

Everyone needs an ally at some point in their lives. When we find one, it can make all the difference in the world. Our purpose is to assist people in low-income developing countries to gain access to secure savings and affordable loans so that they can build a better future for themselves and their families.

Together Building Financial Inclusion

Fatmata's Story

“Since I joined the credit union, it has helped me in saving my money. Each week I open my cash box and send my contribution to the credit union so I can increase my savings”.

Hajat's Story

“I can now support my children’s education so they may achieve a better life. I will get satisfaction from their success.

Mariatou's Story

“I am grateful to my credit union because it supported me with a loan and helped me to earn extra income for my family.”

Wosenu's Story

“I’m so thankful because now I have a new modern house, four cows, three oxen, and three horses.”

The Foundation is funded by over 140 Irish credit unions, who make an annual donation to our work. Across the island of Ireland we know the value of the credit union model to individuals, communities and workplaces. In addition to our core funding from credit unions we are fortunate to obtain funding from external sources: institutional donors, development partners and corporate organisations. The external funding received is testament to the good work we undertake and acknowledgement of the credit union as a model to improve socio-economic and human development. Credit union members and individuals can now directly support our work, and help us to help others.  

We are very grateful to everyone who supports our work.

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