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Working in Cooperation

Thank You

Cooperation among Cooperatives is one of the credit union operating principles. The Foundation’s work is only possible thanks to the generous support we receive from our supporters, funders, and external partners. By working together through cooperation people can achieve far more together. The work of the Foundation is only possible thanks to the generous donations from our credit union supporters and funding from institutional donors, development partners and corporate organisations. Thank you for allowing us to share the Irish credit union experience to support the development of credit union movements, together we are building financial inclusion.


Credit Unions

The Foundation is the international development organisation of the Irish League of Credit Unions. Our work, supporting credit union development in low-income developing countries, is undertaken thanks to the many credit unions across the island of Ireland who contribute to our work annually. On average almost half of the credit unions affilated to the ILCU donate to our work. This support enables us to provide finanical and technical assistance to local partners and bring the benefits of the credit union movement to urban and rural communities in some of the poorest countries in the world. This generosity and commitment to our work embody the credit union philosophy of ‘people helping people’.  


If you credit union wishes to support our work – you can do so by making a annual donation, details on how to donate are included in the form below:

Corporate Partners

There are a number of corporate organisations who provide services directly to the Irish Credit Union movement. We are grateful to a small number of these corporates who have donated funds and technical expertise in support of our work. Our current corporate partners are:

  • ECCU – A life assurance company founded by the ILCU, who have two life assurance products – loan protection and life savings insurance cover
  • Moore – Moore is a consultancy firm that helps Ireland’s leading credit unions address their most significant challenges to shape the future of the movement
  • Rooney Media – Rooney Media is a design consultancy and print broker business based in Dublin. The company also has a great knowledge of the credit union sector and deal with a large number of credit unions throughout Ireland.

If you are interested in discussing becoming a corporate partner, please contact Sinéad Lynam at slynam@creditunion.ie for more information.

External Funders

In addition to the core funding from Irish Credit Unions, the Foundation is also grateful to obtain the support of external funders – institutional donors and development partners. All of who value our work and provide us with important financial and technical support to advance our mission. This additional funding allows us to develop and strengthen credit union movements to ensure the provision of ethical and affordable financial services for those who need it most. 


As an international development organisation the Foundation works alongside other similar type organisations to ensure. By cooperating and collaborating with other organisations we can share resources and expertise and ensure the best outcomes for the programmes that we support and implement, and ultimately the end beneficiaries. The Foundation has also received funding from other development organisations to support on ongoing projects and programmes.

Our Supporters, Funders and Partners