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Member Stories


Marieatou is a member of Ding Ding Bantaba Credit Union. She took her first loan to buy a deep freezer and she used this freezer to set up a business enterprise to sell ice to people living in her local community. This enabled Marietou to earn extra income for her family.

Wosenu Eshetu

Wosenu, 43, lives with his wife and 4 children. He is a founding member of Hagudenu Wuji RuSACCO, established in 2012 in Bora Kalo village – it currently has 89 members. He started with a monthly saving of ETB10 (30cents). After 12 months, he took his first loan of ETB1,000 (€30).

Marie Kabbia

Marie Kabbia is a market trader in Freetown, Sierra Leone. When Marie first started selling in the local market she sold bags of onions. She became a member of her local credit union, Bayconfields Credit Union and borrowed money to buy more goods for her stall.

Hajat Ahmed

Hajat is a member of the local village savings and credit cooperative (SACCO) in Tehula, she is a mother of five. She used a small loan that she received from her group to start a small-scale poultry business. She now has additional income from selling eggs and poultry and is developing her farming business.