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The Foundation donates €40,000 to UNASCU

Ukraine Support Fund


The Foundation have donated €40,000 to the Ukrainian National Association of Credit Unions (UNASCU) – a national credit union apex body.

When the crisis in Ukraine began, the Foundation pledged €50,000 to support humanitarian efforts and the credit union movement in-country. With additional funds donated from several credit unions and Moore Ireland, the Foundation is delighted to have provided UNASCU with €40,000, enabling them to continue to undertake their activities and meet the needs of their member credit unions in the short-term.

Alan Moore, CEO of the Foundation, noted, “as the international development arm of the Irish League of Credit Unions, the Foundation has supported the credit union movement in Ukraine in the past, and we continue to engage with our colleagues in UNASCU on a regular basis, and we are delighted to be able to support them to continue their operations during what is a difficult time for the people of Ukraine.”

Lyudmila Kravchenko, Vice-President UNASCU, expressed her thanks to the Irish credit union movement, “On behalf of UNASCU and our members, I would like to convey my warmest words of appreciation to all your CUs, Irish League, Foundation, their leadership and members – now we have resources to continue our activities, to support our CUs and employees! It’s like a miracle in our circumstances! Thank you very much, our dear friends!”

The Foundation would like to thank all the credit unions who donated to the Ukraine Support Fund and Moore Ireland. Moore Ireland is a strong corporate supporter of the Foundation’s work, and in recent years Moore employees visited Ukraine and provided technical support to assist UNASCU in developing their internal capacity.

We will continue to liaise with Lyudmila and her colleagues to ensure their credit union movement remains resilient.